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    26 Aussie Primary School Experiences You Probably Forgot About

    Praying that your crush would choose you during heads down thumbs up.

    1. Using the rubber of destiny to make all your important life decisions.

    Twitter: @MeikaOrmerod

    What the rubber says, goes. 

    2. Going home with stinging hands after a tough day winning at handball.

    Flickr: Michael Coghlan/ Creative Commons / Via Flickr: mikecogh

    And having to run to the courts at recess to bags the best one for you and your mates. 

    3. Or getting covered in bruises thanks to that game where you just pegged the ball at each other.

    Handball Australia

    Every school had different names for it but we all played it at one point.

    4. Pouring Mamee noodles directly into your mouth.

    anakmieinstan / Via

    Because smashed-up Mamee is better than a brick of it. 

    5. Pretending you had a sore throat so you could eat eucalyptus drops — AKA cough lollies — in class.

    Big W

    "Miss, I have a sore throat I need them!!!"

    6. Squishing your Roll-Up into a ball and making shapes out of it.

    Thomson200 / Via

    And still eating it, despite getting your grubby little mitts all over it.

    7. Being tasked with the honour of taking the class roll to the front office.

    Dreamstime Stock Images / Via

    It really made you feel like the class VIP for that day.

    8. Asking your friends to join the Pen-15 club.

    Imgur: ChefShwasty / Via

    Heh heh heh. 

    9. Getting to go to the computer lab, where you'd all sneakily play Minesweeper when the teacher wasn't looking.


    Unless you're born in the late '90s and you had the 3D space pinball on your school Windows computers.

    10. Then doing a PowerPoint Presentation, but spending at least half an hour choosing your Word Art.

    Microsoft / Via

    It was always the rainbow one or the wavy blue one, in the end.

    11. Playing heads down thumbs up on a Friday arvo.

    Luke Schofield / Via Twitter: @LukeSchofield93

    And sneakily looking at the shoes of the kid who pinched your thumb so you could win. 

    12. Having to choose between wearing a crusty old hat from lost property, or being forced to sit in the shade at lunchtime when everyone else played.

    Mount Hawthorne Primary / Via

    Curse you, no hat no play. 

    13. Begging for an Ovalteenie from the kid who was lucky enough to get them in his lunchbox.

    14. Getting a Pizza Rounda for your lunch order and burning the roof of your mouth the second you bit into it.


    The tomato and melted cheese innards tasted like the inside of the sun, but you never learned your lesson. 

    15. The pure joy of walking into class in the morning to see you had a substitute teacher.

    Reddit: u/-yuergus / Via

    And then the rush when they pulled a TV-on-wheels into the classroom. 

    16. Drawing *the* S on anything and everything you could see.

    Twitter: @severalchains / Via Twitter: @severalchains

    By the time you hit high school, the boys moved on to just drawing dicks everywhere they could.

    17. Playing MASH to decide your fate.

    18. Collecting and trading Tazos like you were some kind of Wall Street hedge fund manager.

    Reddit: u/TopTrumpWANKER / Via

    That thrill of opening a pack of chips and seeing a rare Tazo? Unbeatable. 

    19. Calling your best friends the day before the school year started to see what class they were put in.

    Raimond Spekking / Via

    And the agony that came from being separated from your besties.

    20. Unzipping your pencil case on the first day to show off your brand new stationery.


    A bendy ruler and those wind-up crayons were top-tier school supplies. 

    21. Cracking a molar on a 20-cent toffee from the cake stall.

    22. Learning the second verse of the national anthem and feeling like a bad B.

    Australian Government

    One of those useless skills we all have but will never use. 

    23. Running around the oval for an hour during PE, then sitting in a sweltering classroom for the rest of the day.

    Flickr: @vijay_chennupati / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: vijay_chennupati

    Sitting in a sweaty uniform learning your seven times tables seemed normal at the time, but damn could we have at least showered?

    24. Learning how to do forward rolls down at the PCYC. / Via

    Ooft those mats STUNK. I can still smell them. 

    25. Borrowing Aussie Bite books from the library.


    And vowing that you'd read them all by the time you finish Year Six. 

    26. And finally, absolutely nailing Hot Cross Buns on the recorder.

    Flickr: Dark Dwarf / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: darkdwarf

    Then progressing to playing the Rugrats theme on the xylophone. 

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