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    26 Aussie Primary School Experiences You Probably Forgot About

    Praying that your crush would choose you during heads down thumbs up.

    1. Using the rubber of destiny to make all your important life decisions.

    2. Going home with stinging hands after a tough day winning at handball.

    3. Or getting covered in bruises thanks to that game where you just pegged the ball at each other.

    4. Pouring Mamee noodles directly into your mouth.

    5. Pretending you had a sore throat so you could eat eucalyptus drops — AKA cough lollies — in class.

    6. Squishing your Roll-Up into a ball and making shapes out of it.

    7. Being tasked with the honour of taking the class roll to the front office.

    8. Asking your friends to join the Pen-15 club.

    9. Getting to go to the computer lab, where you'd all sneakily play Minesweeper when the teacher wasn't looking.

    10. Then doing a PowerPoint Presentation, but spending at least half an hour choosing your Word Art.

    11. Playing heads down thumbs up on a Friday arvo.

    12. Having to choose between wearing a crusty old hat from lost property, or being forced to sit in the shade at lunchtime when everyone else played.

    13. Begging for an Ovalteenie from the kid who was lucky enough to get them in his lunchbox.

    14. Getting a Pizza Rounda for your lunch order and burning the roof of your mouth the second you bit into it.

    15. The pure joy of walking into class in the morning to see you had a substitute teacher.

    16. Drawing *the* S on anything and everything you could see.

    17. Playing MASH to decide your fate.

    18. Collecting and trading Tazos like you were some kind of Wall Street hedge fund manager.

    19. Calling your best friends the day before the school year started to see what class they were put in.

    20. Unzipping your pencil case on the first day to show off your brand new stationery.

    21. Cracking a molar on a 20-cent toffee from the cake stall.

    22. Learning the second verse of the national anthem and feeling like a bad B.

    23. Running around the oval for an hour during PE, then sitting in a sweltering classroom for the rest of the day.

    24. Learning how to do forward rolls down at the PCYC.

    25. Borrowing Aussie Bite books from the library.

    26. And finally, absolutely nailing Hot Cross Buns on the recorder.