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18 Asian-Style Desserts In Sydney That Were Made For Your Instagram

Beautiful and delicious.

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1. Get some personalised latte art with your baked goods at La Floraison in the CBD.

Instagram: @miclnelle

2. Choose your favourite macaron ice cream sandwich at D21 in Haymarket.

Instagram: @nutellasum

3. Change up your coffee order with this pink latte in a cone at Kusuka Cafe in Haymarket.

Instagram: @eliseaki

4. Try a perfectly baked sweet cheese tart at Hokkaido in various locations.

Instagram: @rensheren

5. Have the cutest hot chocolate of your life at The Dessert Kitchen in Haymarket.

Instagram: @1987

6. Get some pimped-out sundaes at Honey Creme in Haymarket.

Instagram: @lichipan

7. Try all the different soft serve flavours at Oh! Matcha in the CBD.

Instagram: @siaxvely

8. And try out Sydney's most Instagrammable ice cream at Aqua S.

Instagram: @arpi_purushotham

9. Meet the matcha croissants at Top Impression, Wolli Creek.

Instagram: @2eats1fork

10. Sample the adorable cakes at the florist and cafe Cuppa Flower, in Waterloo.

Instagram: @ann13tran

11. Have dessert for brunch with egg waffles at Haven Tailoring Coffee Joyously in Surry Hills.

Instagram: @hungryanniee

12. Try out the cheesecake that has people lining up for hours at Uncle Tetsu in the CBD.

Instagram: @lilopeng

13. Indulge in some Thai-style ice cream scrolls from 3 Mama Chef's Restaurant in Haymarket.

Instagram: @chanel_indari

14. Order the pancake and french toast stacks at Passion Tree Cafe in Chatswood.

Instagram: @e

15. Try the fish cone ice creams known as taiyaki from Zero Degrees in Hurstville and the CBD.

Instagram: @sydney3ats

16. Tackle this snowflake mountain at LNC Dessert House in Haymarket.

Instagram: @rockwitheat

18. And eat the happiest and fluffiest pancakes you've ever seen at Harajuku Gyoza in Potts Point.

Instagram: @foodieswithbooties_