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    17 Iconic Moments From Australia's Eurovision Performance

    From the "Antipodean Pharrell".

    1. When he hit a high note in the first ten seconds.

    2. His hat.

    3. And his pocketsquare and lapel pin.

    4. His whole look was just on point, really.

    5. His bouncy slidey dance.

    6. The set which was tripping us all out.

    7. His backup dancers who slayed just as much as he did.

    8. This little dance sequence we all tried to copy in our lounge rooms.

    9. Oh, and this one too.

    10. The way he made that stage look like it was custom built just for him.

    11. This moment where he had a key change...

    12. ...and when he slowed it the hell down in preparation for the ~big finale~.

    13. Whatever this thing he did with his legs is.

    14. When he belted it out like his life depended on it.

    15. His powerful vocal trill at the end...

    16. ...which made people say things like this.

    Ooh, I really like this. It's like an Antipodean Pharrell. #Eurovision #AUS

    17. But mainly, the fact that he looked like he was having way more fun than anyone else.

    (No, seriously. Look at Austria.)

    BBC / Via

    (And Azerbaijan.)

    BBC / Via

    Congratulations, Guy. You did us proud.

    Sony Music Australia / Via

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