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27 Things '00s Girls Did That We're Not Ashamed Of At All

Because when you were 12, a Von Dutch hat was so damn cool.

1. Taking photos of literally everything with your iZone.

2. Living your best life on Habbo Hotel.

3. Trying to outsmart SmarterChild on MSN Messenger.

4. And showing everyone what you were listening to at all times.

5. Wearing so much hair mascara that you just had a crispy head of colourful hair.

6. Matching your eye mascara to your hair mascara.

7. Having a different Lip Smackers flavour for every day of the week.

8. And one of these for ~special occasions~.

9. Wearing Tommy Girl and feeling hella grown-up.

10. Begging your mum for a Baby-G watch.

11. Using one of these bad boys to get the coolest hair twists ever.

12. Making Kids Pix say "xxxxxxxxx" which just sounded like "sex sex sex".

13. Trying so hard to dress and accessorise like Lizzie McGuire.

14. Making a Sim version of you who marries a Sim version of your crush.

15. Borrowing your dad's tie to try to copy Avril's look.

16. Learning all the dance moves to "The Ketchup Song" before your school disco.

17. Turning all of your fave tunes into a monophonic ringtone.

18. Loving your 3315, but being super jealous of people who got this phone when it came out.

19. Getting irrationally depressed about Marissa's death.

20. Thinking Von Dutch hats were the height of fashion.

21. Getting the new Britney album off Limewire.

22. Dreaming of filling your house with inflatable furniture.

23. Mastering the shit out of this game.

24. Covering your bedroom ceiling with these.

25. Wearing a ton of butterfly clips every day.

26. Being unashamedly in love with the guy from Smallville.

27. And decorating all your carefully handcrafted mix CDs.