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    26 Ridiculously Cute Items You Have To Own If You Love Koalas

    So bear-y adorable.

    1. This adorable hat for your newborn.

    2. And of course this adult-sized one so you can match.

    3. Or you can get right into it and buy this perfect set.

    4. Continue the theme and adorn your walls with this cute decal.

    5. Or bring a subtle touch of colour to your walls with this watercolour.

    6. Drink tea in the cutest way possible with these mugs.

    7. Or you can make it punny with this one.

    8. Jazz up your dinner tux with these cufflinks.

    9. Team them with these buttons for a real winning combo.

    10. Remember that glasses can make anyone look intelligent with this print.

    11. Spice up your wardrobe with this t-shirt.

    12. Keep your money safe in this snuggly purse.

    13. Stand out from the crowd with this belly button ring.

    14. Stock up your jewellery cabinet with these earrings.

    15. How about this adorable necklace?

    16. Add some character to your couch with this pillow.

    17. Keep your bedroom koala-themed with this pillowcase.

    18. Share the love with this greeting card.

    19. Keep your keys warm with this knitted cover.

    20. Keep your iPhone looking blingy with this anti-dust headphone plug.

    21. Or get a case like this if you prefer the understated.

    22. You'll be the coolest kid on the block when you sport this bum-bag.

    23. Keep your coffee cosy in the most adorable way.

    24. You really can't get more Aussie than this 80s sweater (knitting pattern only).

    25. Keep all your stationary koala-adorned with this stamp.

    26. Make sure your neighbours know all about your love with these stained glass windows.

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