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    14 Things To Add To Your Adelaide Bucket List In 2019

    Adelaide really is the city that keeps on giving.

    1. Soak up the vibes at Fringe Festival.

    2. Get your country on.

    3. Shuck some fresh oysters.

    4. Eat the best peking duck outside of China.

    5. Take a day trip to Port Elliot.

    6. Explore 800 million-year-old landscapes at Wilpena Pound.

    7. Walk and picnic in a fairytale forest.

    8. Get your wine on.

    9. Or dedicate a whole weekend to it.

    10. Hike right around Morialta Falls.

    11. Have more beach picnics.

    12. Explore the city with your stomach.

    13. Put down the wine and get on the gin.

    14. Become the type of person who goes to markets.

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