18 Problems Of Every Australian Harry Potter Fan

We just feel so angry, all the time.

1. We never got any midnight book releases.

2. Nor did we get premieres attended by the actors.

3. J.K. Rowling’s book signing tours never came to Australia.

Warner Bros. / Via wwwaspotters.blogspot.com.au

4. “OMG YES THERE’S A HARRY POTTER THEME PARK!” lol nope it’s in Florida.

Warner Bros. / Via wordpress.com

5. “OMG YES THERE’S A LEAVESDEN STUDIO TOUR!” lol nope it’s in England.

Warner Bros. / Via fanpop.com

6. “OMG THEY’VE ANNOUNCED ANOTHER THEME PARK” lol hahahahha definitely not, it’s in L.A.

7. Sure, there’s one in Japan but that’s still so far away! :(

Warner Bros. / Via splatter.com

8. To be fair, we did get Harry Potter: The Exhibition and it was the greatest moment in Australian history.

Warner Bros. / Via inthelandofgifs.tumblr.com

9. People who live in Europe have the possibility of ~bumping into~ JKR wherever they go.

Just saw JK Rowling in the toilets of the Olympic Stadium! Better seeing Bolt in the the 4x100m relay #magic #harrypotter

— Holly Gartside (@holkatt)

Expecto Patronum! I just saw @jk_rowling on the tube with her family. How wonderfully normal.

— Sarah Modlock (@SarahModlock)

10. And people who live in Edinburgh can just GO TO THE CAFE WHERE JO WROTE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE!

Just spotted the cafe where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter! #Edinburgh

— GlobetrotterPostcard (@TravelsByVP)

11. Kings Cross Station in Sydney doesn’t even have a platform 9 or 10, LET ALONE 9 3/4.

Warner Bros. / Via imgur.com

12. After watching a marathon of the films, you just want to talk in a British accent for days and people are like, “Wut?”

Warner Bros. / Via wordpress.com

13. Every time Mugglecast did a live show, it was always the middle of the night.

Warner Bros. / Via wizarding-world.tumblr.com

14. Every few months you have to see Americans tweeting about ABC Family’s Harry Potter Weekends.

Warner Bros. / Via pettygifs.tumblr.com

15. And don’t even talk about the depression that sets in during Leaky Con weekend.

Warner Bros / Via w1ckedgurl.tumblr.com

16. JK Rowling has TOLD US that there is a wizarding school like Hogwarts in Australia. WHERE IS IT? WHERE ARE OUR LETTERS? WHY ARE WE NOT THERE RIGHT NOW?!

Warner Bros. / Via bloodydifficult.tumblr.com

17. “Why, yes, I’d like to buy some reasonably priced merchandise online.” Too bad the shipping is a billion dollars.

Warner Bros / Via pettygifs.tumblr.com

18. So basically, Aussie Potterheads need a lot of money and patience…and a private jet wouldn’t hurt.

Thanks, Jo, for sucking us in so deep.

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Jemima Skelley is a senior writer for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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