27 Milhouse Moments That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

    "My feet are soaked but my cuffs are bone dry!"

    1. When he accidentally created a brand-new name.

    2. When he had major bike game.

    3. When he was all of us.

    4. When he tried to convince Homer to let him in the car.

    5. And when he was ready for a car trip.

    6. When he lost his eyebrows and glasses and we realised his eyes are literally just black dots.

    7. When he revealed his soft side.

    8. When he really couldn't see without his glasses.

    9. When he got caught out.

    10. When he found the flaw in Bart's plan.

    11. When he finally lived out his dream.

    12. When he met his Shelbyville counterpart.

    13. And then stood up for what was rightfully his.

    14. When he unveiled this truth.

    15. When he couldn't get his references straight...

    16. ...on more than one occasion.

    17. When he accidentally hit on Nelson.

    18. When he left Lisa this note...

    19. ...and signed Bart's cast.

    20. When he watched Finding Nemo while his mom was out.

    21. When we got an insight into his dreams.

    22. When he got a stuffed-toy version of his pet dog, named Puppy Goo Goo.

    23. When he tried out a new look.

    24. When he became a newsreader for a brief period.

    25. When he asked he big questions about New York City.

    26. When he bulked up but still couldn't win Lisa over.

    27. And when his flood pants finally paid off.