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    Updated on 26 Sep 2018. Posted on 28 Apr 2017

    21 Things You Know If You Worked At Macca's For Your First Job

    Working at Macca's is basically a rite of passage.

    1. Everyone told you that Macca's looks great on your resume but every day you really wondered how much it was worth it.

    United Artists

    2. Though you really did learn a lot of people skills, but mainly just how to deal with angry idiots.

    3. You also got really good at counting change and doing addition in your head, because of all the school kids who'd come in and pay with 20 cent coins.

    4. And if you worked at a Macca's with a playground... well, there was no better form of contraception.


    5. At least once a week during summer, the ice cream machine would stop working and you had to deal with some very cranky people.

    6. But when it was working, you took great pride in making the biggest, most swirly cone possible.


    7. You quickly got used to constantly smelling like grease...

    8. ...and having to wash your hair after nearly every shift.

    Sony Pictures

    9. You thought getting half-price food during a shift was a great deal, until you figured out how to sneakily nab free burgers from the back crew.


    10. If you worked at a Macca's near the beach, you had to spend all summer serving teens in bikinis and hating your life.


    11. Though there was nothing worse than working the close shift and having to deal with drunk people coming in just before you shut.

    12. And if you worked in a 24-hour store, well then, I pray for your 14-year-old soul.

    13. You certainly didn't make it through your time there without at least a minor burn.

    Warner Bros.

    14. You were all about giving free sauce to people, and it felt like a tiny act of rebellion.


    15. You know all about the Macca's staff hierarchy, and how McCafé workers all thought they were better than everyone else.

    McDonald's / BuzzFeed

    16. You became a master at looking busy during quiet times, so your manager wouldn't make you clean the dining room.


    17. And to this day you're still mindful of clearing your own rubbish when you eat at Macca's.


    18. There were customers you'd recognise because they came in multiple times a week, and you secretly judged them like you weren't eating a Value Meal on every shift.

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    19. Your friends really enjoyed coming in and laughing at you in your uniform and ugly AF hat.

    20. Though at the end of the day, you were making money and they weren't, so it was all OK.


    21. And your job at Macca's really set you up for life, even if it just taught you that you never want to work in fast food service ever again.


    Me on my last shift at that hell hole. ^

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