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21 Things You Know If You Live Paycheck To Paycheck

"Wooooooowwww I'm so broke" – me while sipping on my $5 coffee.

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1. You're constantly trying to tell yourself to live on a budget.

2. Though if you're being honest, you never really know how much money is in your account.

3. When that pay first hits you're feeling like this.


4. But then you pay all your bills and have a look at what's left.

5. For the first couple of days you live your best life and just don't think about your balance.

6. But then shit starts to get real.

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7. And your parents will never help you out now that you're supposed to be a "real" adult.

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8. So you hit up that one friend you once lent $4 for a coffee because that cash could really come in handy right now.

when i'm broke and remember all the people that owe me money

9. You feel sorry for yourself but you know that you were the one who got yourself into this damn mess.

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10. Especially because every time you go out you end up buying rounds of shots you can't afford.

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11. You try to remind yourself that money isn't everything.

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12. You start coming up with creative ways to be able to buy what you need.

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13. Because really, the possibilities are endless.

Lmao dude on Facebook said he been waiting 4 hours for the P to fall so he could sue Walmart

14. You realise that working full time doesn't quite give you the freedom you thought you'd have when you were a kid.


15. Because you're hardly living your best life.

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16. In fact, every day is just a lot of pretending everything is fine.

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17. But honestly, you don’t want to actually do anything to fix your situation.

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18. At the end of the pay cycle, things are starting to look a little like this.

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19. And as you eat your broke-ass food, you promise that you'll be a little more responsible from here on out.

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20. But then the next pay packet hits your account and all those resolutions go to shit.

21. Because let's face it, money is made to be spent.

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