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21 Professors Who Definitely Didn’t Get Paid Enough In 2018

Nothing will beat "professor what's his nuts".

1. When this professor knew how to stop people scrolling through Twitter in class.

2. When this teacher was ready for his meeting with a student who missed more than 30 classes.

David Red / Via

3. When this professor really wanted Graham to make it to his 8am.

4. When this student called her professor "whats his nuts" and he tweeted about it.

5. When this professor opened every class with a giant HELLOOOOO.

This is how @kryssdula my psychology professor, begins every class and I love it. He has a very inspiring story! Everyone RT this to get him on @TheEllenShow !! #GetDulaOnEllen

6. And when this professor made every late student do a dance.

My professor makes you dance when you’re late to his class. This is college.

7. When this teacher had a light saber fight with his wife.

hi, this is my 85 year old physics teacher him and his wife just had a light saber fight

8. And when this one created a graveyard for all the tools mishandled by students.

Reddit: Axel_Ols / Via

9. When this professor taught his students about the first man in space.

Reddit: @OMGLMAOWTF_com / Via

10. When this one read a (fake???) request for an extension, and came up with a great pun.

Reddit: superswmoon / Via

Basically, the student asked for an extension because his family accidentally ate their pet chicken on Thanksgiving. The professor replied: "You may have a 'no harm, no fowl' extension until Sunday."

11. When this professor was ready to catch out anyone who only listened to the lectures online instead of attending class.

u/thepkmncenter / Via

12. And when this professor uploaded this to the assignment drive.

pad_thai_chicken / Via

13. When a professor set an assignment to make a tweet go viral...and it worked.

My professor threw a party instead of having a final and no one showed up😢💔

14. When this professor made a mistake so just gave everyone an A.

My professor gave us the wrong test, so she gave us an A on our final!! RT FOR GOODLUCK

15. When this professor invited all his students to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family.

16. And when this one offered up his home when the power went out on campus.

17. When these professors had a bit of fun.

u/NoIDidntstealyourkid / Via

18. And when this vision-impaired student recieved a blown-up and stuck-together handout from their professor.

u/benice2annehathaway / Via

19. This professor who had a pretty damn reasonable reply to a very drunk email.

20. When this professor gave credit for meme use.

21. And when this professor joined in with his students.

My professor Dr. Cornel West is DIFFERENT DIFFERENT.

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