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    15 Ways To Repurpose A Vintage Teacup

    Your humble crockery collection can be surprisingly versatile. A new candle, clock ,or lamp could be yours with a few easy steps.

    1. Teacup Candles

    2. Hanging Nets For Your Teacup Candles

    3. Teacup Pincushion

    4. Herbs in a Teacup

    5. Teacup Bird Feeders

    6. Teacup Pot Plants

    7. Teacup Cake Stand

    8. Teacup Wine Glasses

    9. Teacup Jewellery Stand

    10. Teacup Clock

    11. Teacup Lamp Base

    12. Teacup Dessert Stand

    13. Teacup Terrarium

    14. Teacup Centrepiece

    15. Teacup Lights