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14 Reasons Why Australian Stoners Should Be In Charge Of Infrastructure

We're truly a country of engineers.

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1. This classic Vegemite apparatus.

Reddit: Eloquentdyslexic / Via

2. And this one, jazzed up with a spiral straw.

Reddit: willandthepeople / Via

3. This very inventive choice.

4. And this homegrown alternative to a Pringles can.

Reddit: xtrap100 / Via

5. This bong which is basically a health food.

6. This good use of mum's watering can.

7. And this one which is a classic but a goodie.

Username: POT-HEAD / Via

8. This great way of recycling sauce bottles.

Reddit: Mister__S / Via

9. And this one, which now belongs in a museum.

Reddit: Venom1992 / Via

10. This thirst crusher.

Instagram: @drildobagins / Via

11. And this homage to the greatest iced coffee in Australia.

Instagram: @oxstonerchickxo / Via

12. This bong evolution.

13. This safety choice.

Instagram: @browncardigan / Via

14. And this amazing example of modern Australian art.

Reddit: kookedburra / Via

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