Six Of The World’s Creepiest Places

Bones and suicides and dolls heads, oh my!

1. Aokigahara Forest

Located at the base of Mt Fuji, this creepy forest is scattered with dead bodies, and so dense it is dark even at high noon. Aokigahara Forest has been a popular place for suicides since the 1950s, with claims that over 500 people have taken their life here.

As well as finding the occasional skull or noose, visitors to the forest will also see many signs saying, “Life is a precious thing! Please reconsider!” or “Think of your family!”

To make this even creepier, there is now a group that goes ‘scavenging’, looting the dead bodies for any cash or jewelry.

2. Overtoun Bridge

The Overtoun bridge in Scotland looks like it has come straight from the pages of a fairy tale, moss covered stone and all. However, for reasons that are yet to be explained, six hundred dogs have killed themselves here since the 1960s. No, these aren’t just accidents or particularly dumb dogs. Eyewitnesses have reported the mutts willingly climbed over the parapet and leapt to their death.

Apparently some who didn’t die on impact have been seen to climb back up onto the bridge AND DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN. I reckon it’s a demon, hungry for canine blood.

3. Sedlec Ossuary

The Seclec Ossuary in the Czech Republic is a chapel… decorated with tens of thousands of HUMAN BONES. In the 13th century, someone sprinkled soil from the Holy Land on the local cemetery, and ever since people all over Europe have clamoured to be buried there. By 1870, when the bones started piling up in corners, the priests decided to create a unique décor for the chapel.

Hanging from the ceiling is a chandelier containing every bone in the human body, and the entrance to the chapel is adorned with a coat of arms… made from skulls. I wonder if they sell skull mugs in the gift shop?

4. Hellingly Mental Asylum

Its all in the name really. Located in England, this used to be a large psychiatric hospital, open from 1903-1994. The buildings are isolated, with only one road leading in and out, and a single, now disused train line.

The sprawling, abandoned buildings are made even creepier by the overgrown grounds and broken windows.

5. Isla de las Munecas

Deep in the swamps of Mexico, a small island has become known as Island of the Dolls. Legend has it that there was once a single inhabitant of the island- Don Julian Santana Barrera. One day a mysterious girl drowned just off the island, and shortly after, Don Julian found her doll floating in the water. And then he found another, and then another.

Apparently he decorated the whole island with dolls he found in the water, and died shortly after. The dolls hanging from the trees are creepy even by daylight, but are downright terrifying in the dead of night.

6. Chernobyl Amusement Park

Though there are spooky abandoned amusement parks all over the world, this may possibly be the creepiest, and probably the only which is radioactive.

The park was set to open on May 1, 1986- five days before the worlds worst nuclear disaster.

There’s something eerie about the abandoned rides, surrounded by buildings that have been empty for nearly thirty years.

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