16 Things Bosnian Kids Who Grew Up In America Will Understand

You can take the Bosanac out of Bosnia, but you can’t take the Bosnia out of the Bosanac.

1. Curse words…so many curse words….

78.6% of the words you heard growing up were curse words and only 1 or 2 of them even made sense.

2. Going outside with wet hair? Forget about it.

And don’t even think about sitting on that cold beton.

3. But don’t worry if you get sick…

That’s what čarape sa sirćetom, čarape sa krompirom, and bijeli luk are for.

4. The first day of school is always a strugglefest

The joy of having your teacher pronounce your first name correctly (after practice, of course) slowly goes away when you realize that they have to try to pronounce your last name which happens to have 34 consonants and 2 vowels.

5. Think you get to sleep in on weekends? Think again.

If the sound of vacuuming at 7 in the morning on Saturday doesn’t wake you up, your parents talking yelling on the phone with relatives in Bosnia will.

6. “Pamet u glavu” everytime you leave the house.

7. Other kids got grounded or got toys taken away. That’s cute. You got the drvena kašika.

8. Straight A’s and one B? Sramota!

9. You wouldn’t dare cut your fingernails at night.

Bože sačuvaj!

10. Had a bad dream? Turn over your pillow, drink some water, go to the bathroom….oh, you had crumbs in your bed?! That’s why!

11. Your parents with college degrees work blue collar jobs.

And you get to hear them vent every. single. day.

12. And still have enough time to cook amazing Bosnian food (which they make sure you eat all of).

13. Which is probably why you get “gladne oči” so often.

14. You spent a lot of your childhood waiting “10 more minutes” by the door for your parents to leave a friend’s house.

15. You also spent a lot of your childhood translating conversations, phone calls, and important documents.

“Yes, this is Mrs. Kovačević”

16. But looking back on it, it’s all worth it because you’re one of the few from a small country with unique culture, and the best food, music, and films in the world.

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