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    This Instagram Is So Damn Weird, It's Addicting

    Ah, you gotta love the internet. [Possibly NSFW.]

    Cool 3D World is an Instagram account that will have you confused, amused, and kinda disgusted, all at the same time. For example, here's a video of a dog-human hybrid thing.

    And here's just a casual day at the beach.

    Then there's this thing. Mmmm, strawberry juice.

    You thought it couldn't get weirder?

    It can always get weirder. ALWAYS.

    Here's a ballet scene.

    Here's what it's like to have a kid.

    Or shall I say, a tiny satan?

    Here comes destruction.

    Here's, well... 💃

    Here's an exact representation of what it's like to be in the bathroom without your phone.

    Here's a hammer fail.

    Here's a harmony music video.

    And here's one with cats.

    Sure, these are weird as hell. But they are also fascinating and they'll leave you feeling... some sort of way. And, let's be real — that was probably the artist's goal.

    The internet is a magical place. Scary, but magical.