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The Mean Girls Squad Of The Pop World

You've met Poot, it's time you meet Neyde, Rienne, Floptina and Derpga.

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Meet Neyde

She's obviously the Regina of the squad


This is her boyfriend whose hair doesn't look sexy pushed back so she makes him wear a hat.

There's even a list of people who have been personally victimized by Neyde

Then there's Rienne

She's the Gretchen

There's Floptina

She's the Karen

And finally there's Derpga

Who wants to be a member of the squad

She's the Cady

Neyde is the squad's kween

And all the other girls wanna be her favorite

Which sometimes annoys Neyde

Actually, it annoys her all the time. Derpga annoys her all the time

But Derpga never gives up

The girls love performing together, just like the Plastics

BFFs forever!

Thank you internet, you never disappoint.

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