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20 Miranda Sings Tweets To Brighten Your Monday

Because she's kinda the kween of the internet.

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1. When she was grateful.


2. When she understood the need for a hoverboard.

It’s so important to think of others during the holidays. That’s why I need a hover board. Cuz if I don’t get one everyone will prolly die.

3. When she cared about the environment.

Tip of the day; If u don’t want to wash ur hands just use spit. It helpswith t he drought and usually smells like cheese.


4. When she was going for the natural look.

5. When she shared knowledge.

fun fact of the day: shoes are like socks but harder.

6. When she understood the struggle of holidays.

. My mom wouldn't let me get fries with my burger today. Now I have nothing to be thankful for on tanksgiving

7. When she was every teen.

My mom sometims will look at me and its like STOP WHY R U SO OBSESED WITH ME


8. When she experienced the real struggle.

When u pour a bowl of cereal and find outt there is no milk left

9. When she promoted self-love.

Sometimes I don't get to see myself in a mirror for a while and I miss me.

10. When she was aware of important issues.

Homework on the weeknds is CHILD ABUSE

11. When she knew what life is all about.

Sorry I have nt been on social media a lot lately but I’ve been rly busy with thinfs that Matterr in life lik myself and cheese


12. When she cut to the chase.

This is your daily reminder that I'm better then you

13. When she felt neglected.

I’ve been getting less stuff in my nose lately it’s rally unfair

14. When she found herself in religion.

“Thou shal not come in my room and then leave without clossing the door” - the bible.

15. When she asked for help.

What does it mean when cheese starts to get polka dots and yu still eat it? Asking for a friend


16. When she got deep.

Niples r so useless why do we have them

17. When she was inspirational.

Dear everyone who is reading this. You are winderful and loved. Except if I don t like you. Then u aren't.

18. When she knew when fun ends.

Baths are fun except for when u get wet.

19. When she was fashion AF.

I love wearing sandles because it’s a great way to show off your socks.


20. When she was not a morning person.

I know it’s the morning becuse I hate everyone

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