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Kanye West Jamming Out At Justin Bieber's Concert Is Everything

Yeezy is a true Belieber. #Facts

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Last night Justin Bieber held the last of his three concerts in LA as part of his Purpose World Tour. The show was great and all, but Kim Kardashian's Snapchat story was even better.

RBMG / Def Jam Recordings

Yes, the whole Klan graced Bieber's concert with their presence.

Instagram: @kimksnapchats / Via

Well not all of them, but Kim, Kylie, Kourtney, Kendall and Kanye did.

They are a squad. #Facts

They seemed to be really enjoying the show, singing along and snapping, almost like a completely average bunch of mortals at a concert.

Instagram: @kimksnapchats / Via

Except not really because they were obviously in the VIP section and they probably have more Instagram followers than there are people on Earth.

Instagram: @kimksnapchats / Via

And here's Kanye trying to get Diddy (or Puff Daddy, or Sean Combs, or whatever his name currently is) into Kim's snapchat.

Instagram: @kimksnapchats / Via

So that they can jam out together, but Diddy is kinda not having it.

Instagram: @kimksnapchats / Via

But Kanye is not fazed by it because he is living life to its full capacity.

Kanye goes to another Bieber concert and sings along to "what do you mean"

Via Twitter: @KanyeDoingStuff



Happy Yeezy is the best Yeezy.


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