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3 Viral Challenges That Made Us Cry And Question Society In 2015

Please make it go away.

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Later in the year Kylie confessed she got lip injections, so kids, this time the joke was all on you.

2. Now let's remember Charlie Charlie. Or the "I kinda wanna joke around with black magic and die" challenge.

So my lil brother just did the #charliecharliechallenge 😂😂😂😅😅😅

Because obviously summoning up a fucking MEXICAN DEMON sounds like a great idea.

Yup, he looks nice, let's invite him to dinner and ask him a couple of questions. Im sure he'll give us answers if we offer him nachos.


We might as well enter a dark abandoned house and go sleep in its basement. Seems like a great idea too, yeah.

3. And then there was the condom challenge.

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