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24 Times Toast The Dog Won Us Over In 2015


1. When she and her friends took a cooking class.

2. When she was really excited for the Star Wars premiere.

3. When she realized fall is here.

4. When she wasn't herself without a cup of coffee in the morning.

5. When she wanted to partake in the Cats in bread trend.

6. When she wasn't too happy that she had to shower.

7. Or that her roommates wanted to join.

8. When she and her buddy sat on Santa's lap.

9. When she was #summergoals.

10. And when she was floating on a doughnut.

11. When she and bae had a romantic dinner.

12. And her "friend" didn't remember last night.

13. When she was just relaxing and reading a book.

14. When she was fancy AF.

15. When she was pizza rat for Halloween.

17. When she was signing his own cards.

18. When she graduated from college.

19. When she was definitely not a rain person.

20. When she was so famous she was on socks.

21. And she couldn't stop checking her Instagram.

22. When the spa was a necessity.

23. When she got serious about life while wearing a Drake turtleneck.

24. And when she and her friend coordinated outfits.

Keep on toastin' Toast!