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    24 Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar Jokes Because He Might Win One Soon

    "In the future there will be a prize called the DiCaprio, and no one named Oscar will win it."

    1. This Miss Universe reference.

    2. This new award name proposal.

    3. This ironic thought.

    4. This bear.

    5. This Titanic scene.


    6. This Adele song.

    7. This photo.

    8. This acceptance speech opener.


    9. This possible movie.

    10. This poem.


    11. This winner announcement.


    12. This Twitter account.

    Via Twitter: @LeonardosOscar1

    13. This felony.

    14. Their ridiculous behavior.

    15. This newspaper page.

    16. This truth behind the infamous Oscar selfie.

    17. This struggle.

    18. This piece of cake.

    19. This Mean Girls scene.


    20. This paparazzi shot.

    21. This sushi place.

    22. This Tumblr post.

    23. This Django Unchained scene.

    24. And finally, this cruelty.

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