18 Things Literally Everyone On Earth Can Identify With

This shit is too real.

1. When you and your friend are not the same age.

2. When you think about getting into a relationship.

3. When the hater shows up.

4. When the group chat pressure is real.

5. When your friends ask for advice.

6. When your phone isn’t on its best behavior.

7. When you betray your dog.

8. When you’re about to get caught.

9. When you didn’t even ask.

10. When you just wanna watch Netflix.

11. When the money is tight.

12. When you’re your biggest fan.

13. When you discover a new product on the market.

14. When the worst thing happens.

15. When squad is late.

16. When you think about Valentine’s day approaching.

17. When you’re dreaming of bae.

18. But then you remember that your bed is your bae and you’re OK with that.

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