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18 Times The German Football Team Proved They're Great At Every Sport

But also, they are the ultimate champions at looking fine as hell.

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This is the German football team, in case you're living under a rock and haven't been following the Euro Cup in France.

Instagram: @dfb_team

They are also known as the current World Champions.

1. But these studs are extremely good at other sports too, like volleyball for example. Look at that beautiful spiking action Manuel Neuer is giving us.


6. I mean, technically this is a marathon.


But only extremely good-looking Germans can participate.


9. They are slaying the bike game.


10. They can even cycle with only one hand on the handle.

✌️ @Podolski10 #DieMannschaft #JederFuerJeden

11. Heck, they can even snap while riding a damn bike. If that doesn't scream Tour de France, I don't know what does.


13. And they are pretty much NBA material.

Via Facebook: DFBTeamEN

15. Just kidding, they're definitely NBA material. Look at the goalkeeper just casually scoring, like NBD.


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