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17 Times Britney Spears Proved She Is One Of Us

Oops she did it again.

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1. When she couldn't afford expensive hair extensions.

2. When she was a pro at flirting.

ET / Via

3. When she knew she needed a bathroom break.

4. When shit got real.

5. When she ran out of dance moves.

6. When she couldn't remember if she turned off the curling iron before leaving the house.

7. When nothing went as planned.

8. When she was every female visiting the hair salon. / Via

9. And when she regretted getting bangs.

10. When she was not a morning person.

11. When her double chin was our double chin.

12. When someone mentioned math.


13. When she was reckless.

14. When Starbucks was giving her life.

15. When she was really happy about her scooter.

16. When she joined the club.

17. When her vocabulary was our vocabulary.

No Britney, you're really cool!

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