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15 Britney Spears Faces All Unemployed College Graduates Will Recognize

"How come you don't have a job?" - Satan

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3. And when you decide to lie because that animal shelter you volunteered at one time back in high school kinda counts as a job.

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I mean, I haven't showed up there in, like, five years, but I think they still know my name so it's not really a lie.


7. When a potential employer asks you if you've developed any new skills after graduation.

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Yeah, I got really good at dealing with rejection. I also taught myself how to blink weirdly. Surely, both of those will come in handy for this position?


11. When someone says how great you are and that any employer would be lucky to have you working for them.

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Aw, that's really sweet, honey! I guess my applications just intimidate them. They will call one day when they find their balls.


13. When you try to figure out when exactly you made the wrong choice and you realize it was probably sometime in kindergarten.

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Should've played with legos instead of furbies. All the successful kids played with legos.

14. When you're trying to explain to someone that not being in school and not having a stable full time job is actually kinda the life.


It's basically like summer break, but all year around. Well, besides the fact that you're poor, it's not summer, and all your friends are too busy to hang out.

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