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13 Prince George Faces That Literally Any 20-Something-Year-Old Can Relate To

Sometimes royalty is so relatable.

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1. When you expect a gift card from your family for Christmas but get socks instead.

2. When you get a new message on Tinder.

3. When someone wants to show you photos of their kids and you couldn't care less.

4. When you think about all your problems, but then remember you can start solving them next Monday.

5. And then next Monday comes and you decide to walk away from them again.

6. When you think about life and realize how much adulthood sucks.

7. When you give someone a perfectly rational explanation as to why you're right, and they still disagree.

8. When you're so hungry you stare at other people's food but then they catch you staring.

9. When you see a bae.

10. When you've had 3 cups of coffee and it's only 11 am.

11. When you hear someone talking shit about your best friend.

12. When someone changes their relationship status on Facebook to engaged.

13. And finally, when you just can't.

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