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10 Amazingly Unique Dog Instagram Accounts To Follow

Because dogs rule the world.

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1. @dogsinbeds

Instagram: @dogsinbeds / Via

An account featuring pics of our best friends in bed.

You can se how much dogs and humans are really alike.

Instagram: @dogsinbeds / Via

Seriously, give us food and a bed and we'll look like this too.

Instagram: @dogsinbeds / Via

2. @dogsontap

Instagram: @dogsontap / Via

Because the thirst is real.

"All I want for Christmas is beer"

Instagram: @dogsontap / Via

They see me rollin', they hatin'

Instagram: @dogswitheyebrow / Via

because my eyebrows are goals.

5. @dogsinblankets / Via

a life without a blanket is no life at all.

Because you gotta keep your head safe.

Instagram: @dogswithhatson / Via

Because shades are an essential for being cool AF. / Via

Where is the pizza delivery guy?

Instagram: @justdogsinwindows / Via


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