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    10 Times Jenny Humphrey Proved She Was The Baddest B On "Gossip Girl"

    I just love her.

    Yes, I am rewatching Gossip Girl for the 100x and yes, I am yet again reminded of how much I love Jenny Humphrey. I love her when she is complaining about her brown bag lunch. I love her decent into darkness. I even love when she cut her hair into a mullet and wore a bowler hat to One and One. I love her so much that my friends (are forced to) call me Little J.

    Throughout all six seasons of the show, her character development is the only one that makes sense and no matter how many schemes, backstabs, or betrayals that go down, Miss Humphrey, Little Miss Jenny from the block, proves time and time again that you can’t compete where you can’t compare.

    1. When she sang "Glamorous" by Fergie.

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    Let’s start with probably the most iconic scene ever shot in television history. Why were the freshman class of Constance Billard School for Girls singing Fergie’s "Glamorous"? We don’t know. but what we do know is that your fave could NEVER. Jenny might be on the Upper East Side now, but no matter how many records she sells she’ll still drive through Taco Bell raw as hell.

    2. When she went back to Blair’s in the middle of the night just to say “surprise bitch” after she escaped being locked in a storefront window.

    jenny humphrey walks into a room with blair and her friends to say "surprise bitch"

    3. When her gay boyfriend caused this iconic scene to happen.

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    That's #camp.

    4. When she stole Blair’s man.

    jenny kisses nate

    5. When even Blair Waldorf knew she was the GOAT and made her queen.

    blair places a crown on jenny's head.

    6. When she stormed an Upper East Side philanthropic event with a guerrilla fashion show of J Humphrey Designs and made Page Six — as she should!

    jenny humphrey on the cover of a newspaper

    7. When she stole Blair’s man...again.

    jenny humphrey kisses chuck

    8. When she was the plug for designer bags *and* dime bags (the latter was very much less classy, obviously).

    jenny humphrey holds designer bags

    9. When Eric AND Blair tried to sabotage her quinceañera by canceling her date and she said “lemme put on this small glove and call Nate Archibald chile.”

    jenny humphrey on the phone

    10. And when she Bing’d “cancer” and realized that Dr. William van der Woodsen was performing medical malpractice by misdiagnosing Lily.

    jenny humphrey searches the word "cancer" online and gets news stories about a doctor giving malpractice

    Blair, Georgina, maybe even Juliet Sharp had some good moves but no one had ‘em scared, shook, or panicking like Little J.

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