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10 Hottest Social Media Slangs That You Really Need To Know!!

Get to know what most millennials really mean. Check out this BuzzFeed!

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10. "Lowkey"

Lowkey is someone or something that is relatively calm, placid or not full of excitement. One more thing, lowkey simly means "hindi pabibo"

9. "Chos"

The slang "Chos" is defined as, a shortened slang word for echos. Usually used for sarcasm, exaggeration of an event, and also used to end a hugot line.

7. "Cash me ousside, howbow dah?!?"

Basically, this means, come talk to me outside so that we can sort out our issues and potentially get into a physical fight.

6. "#Shookt"

"Shookt/shook" means, shocked or frazzeld. Also means, feeling many emotions at once.

4. "Cos y nut"

Commonly used when you did a bad ass thing or when you slayed at some sort of event

1. Nagmahal, Nasaktan, Na TOTGA

TOTGA means The One That Got Away

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