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50/50innertainment Rap Artists Stryker & MFT Become Co-Signed By Roc Nation

Stryker & MFT Take over the Colorado Music Scene as one of the top MC's in the state

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Today Paul at would like to Cover one of Colorado's Top Hip Hop Music Groups and have placed facts on how they changed History.

Stryker & MFT background and how they got into making music:

Stryker and MFT became interested in music while they were growing up and were influenced a lot by their elders and the 80's Disco, Rock Era. With the new change of everything becoming electronic and online they started gaining interest in DJ'ing music, instrument playing and song writing at West High School and North High School in Denver Colorado. With growing up around these types of music they incorporated Rhythm and Blues as well as rock guitars into their music and create a different sound most haven't heard.

When did Stryker & MFT decide to take music serious:

Around the ages of 20 when Mike Mares aka Stryker & Manuel Tafoya aka MFT both decided to take music seriously. MFT was Dj'ing at the time & Stryker was in the studio making music and performing at venues in Denver like Cervante's Masterpiece, The Oriental Theatre, Aztlan Theatre and more. They were both conducting parties and displaying their musical talents and decided one day to create an EP called "Love it or Leave it " with a single the same name. A year and half later after mixing and mastering the CD and getting it distributed, with hard copies, the promotion started for their group and the CD was finalized. They then started to perform locally and that is when Stryker & MFT went 100% all in with giving full effort to promote themselves, with now almost 400,000 Fans on Verified Facebook page they are doing a good job. .

Who are some Major artist's that Stryker & MFT have worked with:

Stryker and MFT have Legendary Hip Hop group Do or Die, Platinum selling Texas artist LiL Flip, Johny P who sings the song Smile with 2 Pac, and Lucky Luciano of Dopehouse Records on an album, which they were featured on a single track, for the EP "Money Come & GO". The CD has been distributed on Itunes, Amazon, Youtube Music, Napster, Spotify, Microsoft, Google Play and over 50 other major online music distributors. Here are some Links for Proof including Youtube Video of Famous Celebrities Like Bobby Brackins, Gangsta Boo, LiL Flip, Project Pat, Edi Mean of 2 Pac's Outlawz, Stitches and more shouting out their group name in recognition of who they are.

They have not only performed with these artists but have booked them to perform for concert events to perform alongside them on stage. This helped to boost their presence under the Record Label name 50/50innertainment, which they own.

Stryker & MFT have recently had major media coverage by local news station 9News, for an event they did with Chicago, Illinois Rap artist LiL Bibby at Cervantes other side in Denver and were also featured on their website Stryker and MFT have also performed alongside 2 Chainz at Cervantes Masterpiece, Stitches at the Aztlan Theatre on 9th and Santa Fe, Young Buck & 2 Pac's Outlawz at the Oriental Theatre in Denver and are one of the first hip hop groups to open up for all the Original Three 6 Mafia Members, including Project Pat. Not only have they opened up for these major Hip Hop artist's they have been part of many other major events like Paul Wall, Oj Da Juiceman of Bricksquad, E40, Lil Scrappy & more. With much recognition and promotion they have also been featured on popular music websites such as and and have gained major support by the hip hop community.

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Musically how have Stryker and MFT changed the game for the Colorado Hip hop scene:

Their second album, "Money Come & GO" hit the top 200 Charts with their singles I need a Fly Girl, Hoodstar, Money Come & GO and were featured on top of the Myspace charts next to top Musicians Like Justin Bieber, Eminem, Drake, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj and others in 2011. This helped the Colorado Hip hop scene by giving the Hip Hop community a voice they've never had before. Stryker & MFT we're the first and last Hip Hop group to achieve this sort of accomplishment since then. Stryker & MFT have also been featured standing next to Roc Nation A&R Lenny Santiago who has given his stamp of approval for their music. Not only have they achieved these accomplishments their music is almost at 1,000,000 tracked sales on Nielsen Sounds can with their album "Money Come & Go" and have over 2 Million views on Youtube as independent Hip hop artists.

What do we see for Stryker and MFT in the future?

As owners of one of Colorado's largest Record Label owners and strong social media presence that grows daily we for see them have well over a million fans in 2017 and surpassing their one million sales on Sounds can with more units moved. Their new album "Say Goodnight to the Bad Guy" is also to be released in the upcoming year with features from Koopsta Knicca and Lord Infamous of Three 6 Mafia. Working with a lot of major names who knows what will come about them in the future, but we do know that they are not stopping from growing or keeping a buzz in the Colorado Hip hop scene and nationwide.

Here's where you can check out their music just click on these links Below, stay tuned to more as Stryker & MFT Grow!

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