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    How To Change Primary Monitor Windows 10

    How To Change Primary Monitor, Here is the complete guide on that.

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    If you have two or more displays connected to your PC, can easy and improve your work and increased ability for more and more productivity & increased profits.

    In this article we can discuss about how to change primary monitor on windows 10 operating system in the computers or laptops.

    Windows 10, the latest and greatest Windows Operating Systems. It can also has multiple monitor supported. In facto, Windows 10 is era good at handling more than monitor when you can used primary monitor. Multiple monitor support is a better much for office workers users out there have more than one monitors connected to your computers.


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    In this operation it is very simple steps to work on the windows 10 operation system computer.

    1. Right-click blank space on the Desktop and select Display Settings in the appear window.

    2. All the displays will be shown in. You can easily search & select the screens from one another.

    3. Then select the display which you want to set as the primary display.

    4. Now scroll down at the screen and select Make this my main display.

    5. If you see the Make this main display. It means that the current monitor that you are trying to set as the primary monitor.

    6. You can connect HDMI cable to primary monitor and another monitor.

    7. Your operation was performed successfully.


    1. The main pros for designers and graphical those in other professions, is an increase in productivity.

    2. Designer are used multiple program in it.

    3. Email & Twitter reply was fast.

    4. They are from one screen to the next is often easier than using multiple applications on one screen.

    5. It’s very simple program.

    6. It is not required ups for second monitor.

    7. In the change primary monitor their using Skype for contacting client.

    8. The sharing of data is easy to both monitor in multiple monitors.


    1. It have more than one screen is the added risk of distractions.

    2. The resources of the video card are divided between each display.

    3. It is costly process because it’s additional monitor .

    4. In this function they can required more and suitable space for this function.

    5. The monitors are exit low radiation which are harmful to us.

    6. Power consumption is high in this function.

    7. Screen flicker problem are face in this functions.


    We have a two-monitor setup allows you good working, but many times you need to change primary monitor in order to achieve the suitable results.

    This is actually rather simple, and you can do it. If you do not know how to change your primary monitor, this article will be perfect for you.

    I hope you will learn how to change primary monitor in windows 10 operating system.

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