25 Things Stay-At-Home Dads Get Excited About

There are certain keys to making a full-time dad’s day just that much better. I’m talking real, genuine, wild excitement. Being a stay-at-home dad is extremely rewarding. And also hilarious.

1. Discovering you have Mac n’ Cheese when you thought you didn’t

This also applies if you’re in college.

2. Catching fullback dives on camera

Sometimes you just have to go for it.

3. Parking like a boss

All day.

4. Getting an email from a human

I’m a human.

5. Getting out of the house, to do something AWESOME

That elephant loves the hose.

6. When friends come to visit

So, uh, I’m gonna go over here and do…other stuff. You got this?

7. Automatic doors

Well, sometimes.

8. FREE train tables

It’s like finding a pot of gold. Free, wooden gold.

9. UPS dropping something off on OUR PORCH!!??

Yes, I can sign for the diapers.

10. Career aspirations

I had a suspicion that ‘LinkedIn Member’ was creepin’.

11. Snow days.

And onesies.

12. This scene.

So fresh, so clean.

13. Stress-free playgrounds

Other, bigger kids are terrifying.

14. Exotic animals

This only happens FIVE times a day.

15. Play dates


16. Options

This beautiful blank slate of opportunity. Make it count.

17. Drive-thrus

Wait, so, I can get Subway here? And not get out of my car?

18. Finding time to work out

Feel the burn.

19. Magic erasers

That bald guy must have had a toddler.

20. This menu

Oh toodles.

21. Activities

Baseball indoors - ill advised.

22. Your old, amazing, awesome toys

No one said you have to wear pants to be a bad-ass.

23. This.

Empty. Empty. Empty. AND IT’S ALL PUT AWAY.

24. How-to guides

Thank you, honey.

25. Seeing other dads

LIONSGATE / Via ivillage.ca

And then we all bust out the double secret dad handshake.

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