12 Festival Attendees Reveal Their Jobs And The Acts They're Most Excited To See

    "Once I saw them on the lineup, we said 'we are definitely going to make it happen now.'"

    Have you ever walked around a festival and wondered...who are all these people, and what is their "real" life actually like? Well, I decided to finally find out. I went around Mad Cool Festival in Madrid and asked people where they're from, their jobs, and who on the lineup they came for...this is what I found out!

    1. Eva & Carla

    2. Lenin

    3. Mary

    4. Miguel & Manny

    5. Anna & Katie

    6. Misty, Ari, & Agnes

    7. Ellice & Timothy

    8. Andrew, Leighton, Karen, Lewis, Chloe, Claire, Andrew, & Dawn.

    9. Ines

    10. Xavi & Alba

    11. Pablo

    12. Molly

    All in all, quite a diverse mix of acts, and lots of different reasons to come – but clearly the Red Hot Chilli Peppers were a big draw this year... who would you go see at a festival next year?

    Huge thanks to Mad Cool Fest for inviting us to the festival and for covering travel and accommodation for the event.