4 Things About "Lovestruck High" That Are True To The American High School Experience, And 5 That Aren't

    I can confirm that the awkwardness of homecoming checks out.

    If you haven't already seen it, Lovestruck High is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video, and it's giving full American high school fantasy.

    Yearbook photos of cast

    Narrated by THE Lindsay Lohan (peep Cady's Diner), Lovestruck High is a dating reality show in which a bunch of single Brits get sent back to school in order to find love with the other contestants and win the series and a cash prize.

    A group of young, smiling people standing on the side of a pool

    The series is already being praised for its inclusivity (there are several queer contestants on the show) and its entertainment value, but here's the real question: How true to the American high school experience is Lovestruck High? Well, let's take a closer look, shall we?

    1. NOT REAL — the cheerleaders:

    Cast in cheerleading outfits including four men

    2. REAL — homecoming:

    Boy asks girl to homecoming dance

    3. NOT REAL — the principal:

    Ms Trunchbull and Principal Nelson from Lovestruck High

    4. REAL — the interiors:

    Cast about to play dodgeball

    5. NOT REAL — school lunches:

    Cast sitting on bleachers

    6. REAL — the outfits:

    Cast exiting a school bus

    7. NOT REAL — Alex as a nerd:

    Man in blue shirt with sweater around his neck

    8. REAL — locker convos:

    Girls talking by lockers

    9. NOT REAL — the openness of queer people:

    Girls kissing in a park

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