Here Are 15 Fascinating Things I Learned From Speaking To World Famous DJ, Fat Tony

    "My job is to play music and make people dance, but I'm not a jukebox."

    We recently sat down with world famous DJ and author of the Sunday Times Best-Selling memoir I Don't Take Requests, Fat Tony.

    From his penchant for throwing other people's phones to the future of clubbing, here's what we found out from chatting with Tony...

    1. Aspiring DJs should not pre-plan their set.

    2. The hardest part about being a DJ is the self-doubt.

    3. The music scene is ever changing.

    4. Disco is the ultimate genre.

    5. Do not request a song from a DJ.

    6. And if you're booking a DJ for a corporate gig, TRUST THEM.

    7. Be careful if you ever hand a DJ your phone.

    8. A LOT can go wrong at a festival.

    9. The Wild Corner toilets at Hï Ibiza are one of the coolest places to play.

    10. Bizarre things are left in green rooms all the time (including people).

    11. DJs on stage can see everything you're doing.

    12. There's a time and a place to share your personal stories with a DJ.

    13. Fat Tony's fave songs change weekly, but don't talk to him about remixes!

    14. Tony expects the days of parties every day of the week to come back.

    15. Fat Tony's parting advice? Be 100% yourself with the world.

    Thank you Tony for chatting with us! If you want to see Fat Tony in Ibiza this summer, he's playing on Sunday 11th June, Sunday 13th August, Sunday 27th Aug, and Sunday 10th Sep at Hï Ibiza.

    Just remember, he doesn't take requests!