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    7 Ways I Proved To My Mom That Video Games Are Not Boring

    Video games are cool and fun and not a waste of time MOM!

    Hello! My name is Jeffrey and I love video games. I also love my Mom. But my Mom does not love video games.

    7. Sonic the Hedgehog

    6. Facebook Games

    I kept calling them "Snapchat filters" and the girl that worked at Facebook was not happy.

    5. Crash Bandicoot

    4. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

    3. Warner Bros. Games

    Okay so by now you're probably thinking, "did you even play any video games?" Well... Remember Crash Bandicoot from earlier? THIS WAS THE LINE TO PLAY THE DEMO!

    But don't worry Mom, there was ONE game that didn't have a long line to play. And that game was...

    2. Farming Simulator


    1. Super Mario Odyssey

    Nintendo is always the most popular booth at E3.

    MFW I can't play the new Mario game:

    I started to walk away defeated, until I ran into...

    Charles Martinet / Via

    CHARLES MARTINET! The voice of Mario HIMSELF!


    Video games are a beautiful art form and bring people together!

    Okay I'm going to go clean my room now.