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    Jun 30, 2017

    7 Ways I Proved To My Mom That Video Games Are Not Boring

    Video games are cool and fun and not a waste of time MOM!

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    Hello! My name is Jeffrey and I love video games. I also love my Mom. But my Mom does not love video games.

    I told my Mom that I went to E3 2017 (a video game convention) and she rolled her eyes!

    Let me show you 7 cool things I saw at E3 and by the end of this post we'll be playing video games together Mom!

    7. Sonic the Hedgehog

    Mom you remember when I played Sonic the Hedgehog, right? He's a little blue guy that runs super fast. That's good because it's exercise and promotes good health! What more do you need MOM! It's cool!

    6. Facebook Games

    Over 800 million people play games on Facebook every month. 800 million people can't be wrong MOM!

    Facebook was showing off their facial recognition technology. Mom you always tell me to trim my beard so you actually probably won't like this.

    I kept calling them "Snapchat filters" and the girl that worked at Facebook was not happy.

    Also I said "My Mom doesn't have a Facebook" and she didn't like that either. Which is fair. I quickly ran away.

    5. Crash Bandicoot

    I didn't even KNOW what a "bandicoot" was until I played the 1996 Playstation game Crash Bandicoot!

    A bandicoot is "a mainly insectivorous marsupial native to Australia and New Guinea." See, video games ARE educational!

    4. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

    Okay Mom stay with me on this, but Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (2016's Game of the Year) is releasing a new side story called The Lost Legacy!

    MOM ARE YOU ASLEEP? One of the Uncharted games takes place in Colombia, which is where we're from! I actually learned about our family's culture through a VIDEO GAME.

    3. Warner Bros. Games

    Did you know that Warner Brothers also makes video games? They make games from ALL the cool Warner Brothers brands, like Batman! And Powerpuff Girls! Remember Powerpuff Girls??? (I don't normally sit that close to the TV, so relax MOM!)

    Okay so by now you're probably thinking, "did you even play any video games?" Well... Remember Crash Bandicoot from earlier? THIS WAS THE LINE TO PLAY THE DEMO!

    But don't worry Mom, there was ONE game that didn't have a long line to play. And that game was...

    2. Farming Simulator

    That's right Mom, your son is a real and certified farmer now! This looks like a joke, like it's a joke game, but it is not. It is a real, serious farming simulation where you have to take care of your farm and your animals and anything else farm-related. (I know what farms are)


    As you can see, I died immediately. This game was surprisingly realistic. I had to fill up my tractor with gasoline. Can you imagine if you had to do that in Mario Kart? I promise I drive better than this in real life, Mom.

    1. Super Mario Odyssey

    Nintendo / Via

    This is going to be first new Mario adventure game in 4 years! Mario's hat is now a playable character and can POSSESS other characters! You're going to LOVE it Mom!

    Nintendo is always the most popular booth at E3.

    I found the end of the line to play the new Mario game but sadly they cut off the line at 11:30 AM. Okay Mom go ahead and LECTURE me about being early anywhere I go!

    MFW I can't play the new Mario game:

    I wasn't kidding about Mario's hat possessing other characters. Here is Mario as a Chain Chomp, which is like a dog in the Mario world.

    (Editor's Note to Mom: MFW = My Face When)

    I started to walk away defeated, until I ran into...

    Charles Martinet / Via

    CHARLES MARTINET! The voice of Mario HIMSELF!


    So don't worry Mom, I know you were worried about me waiting in lines and being bored, but meeting the actual Mario made it all worth it.

    Video games are a beautiful art form and bring people together!

    Okay I'm going to go clean my room now.

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