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The 15 Dreams You Have About Your Crush

There is a reason why the phrases “man of your dreams” and “woman of your dreams” exist. Because when you like someone, he or she makes an impression on your subconscious. These are the ways that you think about that person in your sleep.

Jeffrey Malone 4 years ago

The 11 Injuries That Every Long-Distance Runner Has Suffered

If you run 20, 30, or even 100 miles per week, you will be in the best shape of your life. But you will also have to deal with some of the most unique maladies known to man. Keep any eye out for…

Jeffrey Malone 4 years ago

The 16 Customers Every Movie Theatre Employee Meets

There are a lot of characters in the film exhibition industry. Not all of them are projected onto a screen. Like these 16 classic folks:

Jeffrey Malone 4 years ago
Jeffrey Malone 4 years ago

What Game Show Should You Be A Contestant On?

Time to figure out what skills will win you those cash prizes.

Jeffrey Malone 4 years ago

What Number Was I Thinking Of When I Wrote This Quiz?

I am the author of this quiz. I was thinking of a number when I wrote it. Any idea what it is?

Jeffrey Malone 4 years ago

Movies To Watch This Weekend To Prepare For The Final Four

The 2015 Final Four is this weekend, with Michigan St. facing Duke and Kentucky squaring off against Wisconsin on Saturday, April 4, and the winners of those two games playing for the national championship on Monday, April 6. Whether your bracket has been busted or you’re still in the running to win your pool, the Final Four is more fun if you’ve got a team to root for. A perfect way to get in the mood for sports boosterism is by spending two hours watching a screen delivering content related to your squad. Thus, here are some movie recommendations to go along with whichever of the Final Four you favor.

Jeffrey Malone 4 years ago

40 Of Norm MacDonald's Best Weekend Update Jokes

Norm MacDonald is the best Weekend Update anchor in Saturday Night Live history. In recognition of SNL's 40th season, here is a list of 40 of Norm's most memorable quips behind the desk.

Jeffrey Malone 4 years ago

5 Celebrities Who Are Not Currently Pregnant

Parenthood is one of the most exciting times in people's lives, so it's no surprise that pregnant celebrities receive a lot of attention. But unfortunately it's not possible to be expecting all the time. Here are just a few celebrities with the misfortune, at the time of this posting, of not being pregnant.

Jeffrey Malone 5 years ago