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11 Times Your Package Wasn't Big Enough

We all compare. But in reality, it's not how big it is...but how you use it, how long it can last and where you go with it! Life is an adventure so beat the competition and keep #WINNING with "Backpack Brand."

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1. When you realized your Snapchat account got hacked.

2. When you're a size 8 but buy a 10 to be in the double-digit foot club.

3. When they have to ask if it's in...

4. When the new standard is 6+.

5. When you're a grower, not a shower.

6. When your roomie's care package arrives to your dorm and it's bigger than yours.

7. When it's your first time in the locker room.

8. When "shrinkage" is unavoidable.

9. When you couldn't carry enough supplies to finish the job.

10. When you're the only white guy on the basketball team.


11. When your Tinder date doesn't measure up to the package.

But let's face it...packages come in all shapes, colors and sizes. And that's a beautiful thing. So let "Backpack Brand" be there every step of the way.

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