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    • jeffr37

      Yes of course there is something inherently dangerous about the bloody rifle! It was designed to murder other humans in the most efficient way possible! How that is comparable to a pitbull is actually beyond my comprehension. The rifle could be used by ANYONE to kill an entire crowd of innocent people in the blink of an eye. The same goes for pistols and other autos. A pitbull could not be the tool for a massacre. If I am to play along with the notion that it is the people that are the problem and not guns, then the argument remains: you cannot take the crazy out of the people, but you can take the murder weapons from their hands. Here in the UK we have more than our fair share of nutters but, since the abolition of firearms, they have to go to great lengths to do anything like a massacre, rather than simply picking up a gun and walking into a school with no training etc. The risk of being killed by police (if you are armed) is so great here that people don’t bother.  The ease of use and attainment, and abundance of supply is the problem. Guns, quite simply, are too easy to use against people efficiently.

    • jeffr37

      Strong argument! Please elaborate on how a high school massacre can be carried out with a knife? Ever considered what it’s like to stab someone? The way you would feel the knife penetrate the soft flesh of the victim, of whom you are probably looking at in the eyes to see their desperate expression. You really have to hate someone to stab them…because it involves an emotional commitment. Pulling the trigger of a gun can be done by a child (which has happened on a few occasions no?). It’s pretty difficult to stab someone by accident.  Pistols and automatics are designed for the sole purpose of murdering other humans. Try and justify that any way you want, but I think you are utterly insane to want them in your country.  If you are not even going to bother yourself with a real debate using logic then please refrain from wasting my time.

    • jeffr37

      I wonder how the stats of other civilised countries (similar to America) compare to America with regards to AR15 (or any other gun) related deaths.  Since pro-gun Americans seem to live on a diet of statistics during a debate, maybe they would like to compare the gun related deaths in the UK where almost no one owns a gun. We can be fairer and say use the percentage (being that the UK has a much smaller population). I see that there are very few gun related deaths. Why? Because no one has the vastly over-powered and emotionally-detaching murder method at their finger tips. Surely it doesn’t take rocket science to figure that out? Less guns mean less deaths. I might be wrong with this following fact, but aren’t the majority of gun-related deaths in the USA linked to the very gun the victim bought and stored in their house as a form of defence?  The argument that ‘the people’ need arms to protect against a ‘tyrannical government’ is also quite absurd. For one, the US government is already totally tyrannical…yet I see no uprising in the streets. Secondly, if this rather bizarre notion did actually play out, then what chance has Billy Bob and his untrained cousins got, no matter how well armed, against the largest and best equipped military force in the world? One tank or helicopter alone would make a serious dent…let alone an entire super-arsenal at the disposal of a highly trained army! Face it, there is no good argument for people to own hand guns or automatic weapons. If they all got destroyed then of course you would have the occasional one slip through the hoops. But I bet these disgusting massacres and murders would happen a great deal less, and get lesser and lesser over time. Also, don’t these massacres usually end with suicide? So no one else’s publicly-incensed gun saved the day? Isn’t it up to the police to stop these things? In the end, there would be less deaths. Surely you would like to see less of your fellow countrymen (men , woman, children, family) unnecessarily slain? I simply cannot understand why on earth you would want your neighbours to be allowed arms around your friends, family and children. If you do it for sport then get an air rifle, or better still take up archery…something that requires even more skill. The power trip from these high powered guns must indeed be exhilarating, but take a proverbial bullet and become the generation that finally saw sense and get rid of these easily accessible tools, designed to murder, off your streets.  The rest of the world would think a lot more of you if you did.

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