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Google's Matt Cutts: "If You See Pages With Scraped Content Ranking Above Or Instead Of The Original, Please Tell Us More About It.

That's funny, we've been complaining to them about it for 2 years, and now they are finally taking notice!

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From Matt Cutts just now: "If you see pages with scraped content ranking above or instead of the original, please tell us more about it."

We have been complaining to Google about this for 2 years now, and even on hangouts with John Mueller and Google help forum. The TC's there would always tell us it was stupid to search content from our page to find scrapers ranking above us, because it was not a real life search, whatever that means.

But now, it seems that Matt Cutts and Google is sitting up and taking notice (hopefully from some of our complaints), and this link below is to a new form Google just setup to report the offending site.

Stupid for us to search these scammer sites out? We have been humiliated to have our high quality consumer advocate site be ranked below garbage looking MFA sites that a 10 year old could tell were 0 quality and now we have some vindication that Google is taking it seriously.

Here is where you can access Google's new Scraper Report Form:

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