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    • jeffn11

      More edits:
      - Aeron Greyjoy is alive and well, surviving
      - Benjen Stark should be unknown, not surviving
      - Jaime Lannister was alive and well the last we saw him: surviving
      - If you’re going to mark Mance as unknown, then you must do the same for Stannis Baratheon, as Ramsay’s letter indicated both of their deaths.
      - It looks to me like you’ve got Elia Martell over on the side there, once as dead and once alive. She’s been deceased for 15 years. Did you mean Ellaria Sand (Oberyn’s paramour) for the second mention? The way that you’ve set up allegiances is bizarre:
      - Roose Bolton, who betrayed the Starks, is listed under their house.
      - Jorah Mormont, who was sworn to the Starks, is listed under the Targaryens.
      - Why is Brienne listed under the Baratheons? Sure, her father is sworn to whoever is the liege lord of the Stormlands, but she was first serving Lady Catelyn, and then was ostensibly on a quest for Sansa under the king’s protection.
      - Podrick Payne was Tyrion’s squire, but now he’s sworn to Brienne.
      - Ilyn Payne is sworn to the Lannisters.
      - Barristan the Bold is sworn to Danaerys Targaryen.
      - Thoros is sworn to Lady Stoneheart.
      - Ygritte, Val, and Mance are all wildlings. Why are they under the Night’s Watch?
      - Greatjon Umber should be under the Starks.
      - Melisandre should be under the Baratheons.
      - Strong Belwas should be sworn to Danaerys Targaryen.
      - Why is Amory Lorch even on here?

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