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    • jeffm59

      Two things… 1 - Those that go on long-winded and hate-filled tirades about Facebook and its privacy ‘issues’. Folks, you complain about companies like Facebook/Instagram stealing your information - yet you are WILLINGLY offering up every last bit of information you can possibly dump onto those respective sites. Since when did anyone think that Facebook, or the internet in general, was this little place where nobody can see the things you obviously want everyone to know anyways. Gimme a break. 2 - Those that make it their personal mission to shoot down every political thought/idea/concept/bill/constitution/campaign for how lousy or against ‘Merica or just plain wrong it all is…
      …yet offer NO solutions, NO breathing room for compromise, and decide that the most they can do about it is troll Facebook posts and comments. “There’s nothing I can do personally about this, so I’ll just complain about it.” How about going outside and taking action…?

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