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Top 10 #SLFN Tweets Of Today

A massive thank you to everyone who has supported KeeleSU using the #SLFN hashtag today! In early 2016, Jason Derulo was supposed perform at KeeleSU. He arrived, decided he couldn't be bothered and left without performing. Everyone's tickets had to be refunded and despite him not fulfilling the obligations of his contract he kept the £20,000 that we - a charity - paid him to come and perform.

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1. We've had some amazing support from other SUs and students around the country!

2. This is very strong

3. We made a cute video

4. Some of our students went a bit Shakespearean

5. I's to the point

6. Pls help us Greg

7. Oooooooo shade

8. Even first buses got a mention

9. Nothing unites Keele and Staffs like a good ol' hashtag takeover

10. Our friends in SPIRE got involved as well <3

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