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The 10 Best Things On Netflix To Watch When You're Home Sick

Being home sick used to mean you were stuck watching talk shows, soap operas and the Price is Right. But not any more. Now we have Netflix.

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8. The West Wing


Before the House of Cards we could pretend that government was full of idealistic do-gooders. Watching the West Wing will help you remember that there's hope in the world, just be sure to stick to the Aaron Sorkin seasons (1-4).

7. The September Issue


The September issue of what? Who cares. There are a lot of good documentaries about big, interesting projects. Even if you've never opened Vogue, it's worth the watch. You'll love it in the same way you loved it when Mr Rogers used to visit the crayon factory.

2. Top Gun


Sometimes when you're sick, it's just that you've lost that lovin feelin'. The movie is epic. You've seen it a hundred times, so it's not a big deal if you fall asleep. But the parts that you're awake for will be awesome.

1. Friday Night Lights


Your eyes may not be clear (depending on the disease), but Coach Taylor and Tammy Taylor will give you a full heart, which means you cant lose. Well, as long as you stay away from Season 2.

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