16 Signs You Just Entered A Bad Neighborhood

It’s happened to all of us, one minute you’re walking or driving through a normal neighborhood, the next minute it’s straight ghetto. Here are some key warning signs that you’ve in a bad neighborhood. #semiautobiographical

1. This is the Nicest Hotel You See

Via via the author’s walk home from work

Wow, extended stay AND hourly rates - that’s a lot of range!

2. There’s a Public Napping Area

3. This is the Only Cadillac You Come Across

4. There are Lots of Young Entrepreneurs

I’ve been looking for a used VHS of Jurrasic Park!

5. Hard Working Small Business Owners

6. These are the Local Dining Establishments

7. Occasionally There’s Old Vomit

(may or may not be related to the previous picture)

8. There’s a lot of this going on …

Especially between the hours of 9am and 5pm

9. Lots of Muffled Popping Sounds

10. People are Playing Games on the Sidewalk

11. A Lot of Diabetics Forget Their Insulin in the Gutter

12. Not to Mention All the Glaucoma Patients

If not that, it must be something medicinal, because the cops aren’t cracking-down on this at all

13. You Start Playing a game called “Human or Large Dog”

This pile is probably dog…

14. You Find a Pile of Shoes

I’ve passed different piles of shoes on several occasions

15. This is Left in a Local Planter

16. You Just Passed This Sign

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