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What Your Dog Is Really Thinking When It Makes These 13 Faces

Facial expressions speak louder than words. If you own a dog (don't worry, cat-people, it's just a phase), then you're probably familiar with these expressions.

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2. "I'm on to you."

Via cdn.sheknows.com

By now, she knows when you roll out the suitcases that you're going away for an extended period of time. She used to sit in them, but now she sits on the couch judging you, silently.

3. "I'm not Human, high!"

Via pbh2.com

Yeah, you forgot to let Taco out of the room before you hot-boxed it. Hopefully this look of utter bewilderment wears off about the time your munchies do.

4. "I'm in over my head."

Via focusdesignz.com

You'll recognize this face as a staple of every dog who's not the strongest swimmer. They put on a brave face, but the struggle to get back to shore is real.

6. "What'd I do?"

Via 1000funnypictures.com

You're upset, but that's all that Scrappy-Doo knows. She's not sure what exactly she did wrong, so maybe if she just looks cute and rolls over everything will be fine.

13. "This is Humiliating"

Via weirdviking.com

For anyone who enjoys a good laugh at ole Fido now and then, you're familiar with the look of humiliation when you put him in a compromising (but oh so funny) position.

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