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Greece Got A $96 Billion Bailout, But What Does That REALLY Look Like? #ThisIsACoup

The EU voted on a third financial bailout for Greece today. Greece in turn agreed to raise taxes, cut pensions, and even sell government property in order to repay some of its old debts. But $96 Billion is a lot of money, what does that really look like?

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2.67 Yemens

Via i.infoplease.com

According to World Bank numbers, this bailout cost the EU nearly 3 times the GDP of the entire nation of Yemen. It must sting to be Yemen today, and that's to say nothing of poor New Caledonia.

1.8 Billion Barrell's of Petroleum

Via naecnigeria.org

Petroleum accounts for 35% of Greece's exports. At their current rate of 640,000 barrels per year, Greece can pay off the debt in only 2,800 years! We'll still need petroleum in 5,815 right?

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