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17 Dogs So Cute You'll Want To Commit Grand Theft Puppy

If you're like me, you can't walk by one of these without seriously contemplating if dog-knapping is a felony. (It is, fyi)

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1. Is this animal cruelty? Because what you're doing to my heart is just savage

2. This is the 'Ridiculously Photogenic Guy' of the dog world, dogs everywhere are howling their displeasure

3. NOT. FAIR. Not even close

4. I can't tell if this little guy is terrified or overwhelmed with joy

5. I bet you wish your kid was this cute

6. For being so big, Alaskan Malamutes start out deceptively small

7. I dare you to find ONE animal that doesn't get cuter when it's playing in the snow

8. Statistical analysis confirms that this is the perfect ratio of size to adorableness

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9. Corgi's like to sleep like this to cool off. The I'm-so-exhausted-i'll-just-sleep-here look is a bonus

10. If all German Shepherds had this ridiculous look, I don't know why we'd want their ears to look any other way

11. Normally, I hate it when people dress their dogs up. But come on!

12. This little guy Newfoundland his way into my heart (I know, that was awful)

13. If this St. Bernard ambled up to me with a keg around his neck, I might die of happiness.

14. I DARE you to say 'no' to this face. Try it

15. This dog could murder its owner and someone would STILL adopt it within 24 hours

16. This Pit might've posed for DaVinci at some point

17. How can you be mad at a face like this!?!?

18. Because I saved the best for last

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