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A Better Way To Spend The $213 Million NBC Paid Donald Trump For 'The Apprentice'

Yesterday, Donald Trump announced that he made more than $213 Million off of The Apprentice over the last 14 years. Which got me thinking: What if NBC had spent that money another way?

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3. Hair Transplant Surgery: $100,000


I know, I know, Donald. You don't like to admit defeat, but when your hair looks this ridiculous it might be time to price out a proper hair-transplant. Or maybe invest in a Wig that isn't made out of tiny kites.

4. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Person-to-Person Lending: $11


While Trump himself has "never" filed for bankruptcy, his corporations have done so four times. Maybe it's time Trump learns and important part of loans is NOT DEFAULTING ON THEM.

5. Apology Notes to the 4.7 Million Average Viewers of 'The Apprentice': $23.5 Million


Donald should feel luck we're not making him apologize to the 20.7 Million average viewers from season 1.

8. Another Season of 'Whitney' to Fill the 'Apprentice' Timeslot: $24.4 Million

Mitchell Haaseth / Mitchell Haaseth / NBC / Via

Why not. Whatever new show they put there will just get canceled anyway.

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